A lover of both science and the arts, Chinelle Miller, is an alumnae of the Immaculate Conception High School and a second (2nd) year Medical Student at The University of The West Indies, Mona Campus. She has been working with YCDI for over a year three (3) years and was one of the summer camp facilitators for the YCDI and Dream Jamaica joint summer camp (D.A.B 2016). Whether it be writing a play, being deeply involved with charity work, entering the latest hackathon or putting up with the rigors of med school, Chinelle is always up to something new and interesting. She is a natural innovator and problem solver who works well under pressure and stays focused in the midst of distractions. Having participated in five (5) hackathons (and counting) in her lifetime, she has an eye for detail and strategising. Chinelle is a strong believer of lifelong learning and is always open to new experiences and opportunities to widen her knowledge and wisdom.