Meet Juleen Gentles


Juleen is a second (2nd) year Computing student at the University of Technology, Jamaica. She is extremely

passionate about using technology to solve everyday problems and has worked on several projects planning and

designing systems that aim to improve our standard and quality of living as West Indians. Having met YCDI’s

founder (Lianne McNaughton) 3 years ago at her very first hackathon, she has developed a close relationship with

the organisation and dedicates her time happily to assisting wherever she can.  Juleen is known for having a gentle

and calm persona, which allows her to keep both herself and those around her grounded and focused on the bigger

picture. She takes pride in being involved in her community and as such is an active member of her Student Council,

the UTech Computer Society and the Jamaica Computer Society. She is also President Elect of the Information

Systems Audit and Control Association, Utech Students’ Group (ISACA).

According to, Juleen’s top five (5) strengths are: